Chayanin Wong

Bachelor, Computer Science Department


Life’s a journey

“Life’s a journey.” My name is Chayanin Wong, a student from Thailand. I am a junior student majoring in Computer Science. Before I came to KAIST, there were many questions that popped up in my head: How would I do the things that I used to do? Would I be able to follow the lessons in class? Actually, I could not even think of the possible problems I would face. The number of questions increased as the day of departing from my country approached.

As expected, I faced countless challenges in solving problems when I first came to KAIST. The number and types of problems were out of my expectations. However, I received a lot of support and advice from KAIST international team to solve those problems with ease. KAIST has a very good support system for international students. During my stay here so far, I found the system is becoming more and more supportive. KAIST has a goal to become a university that is friendly to foreigners. Most of my concerns were dissolved. I find it interesting to overcome the rest of the difficulties. Exchanging experiences with other international students is one of the things I enjoy as there are more than 300 international students from various backgrounds; each of them has a different approach and learning the differences really broadened my mind.

KAIST is best on having the freedom of choosing which courses to attend. I can choose to learn courses from other years, other departments and even from master’s degree. I am allowed to arrange my timetable with the course combination that fits me the best. Doing an experiment here means gaining access to all the resources and equipment I have never imagined. Not only the professors are really talented as they mostly graduated overseas and can speak English fluently. I feel that I am surrounded by really talented students from all over the world. We help each other whenever anyone faces a difficulty following up the lessons. KAIST also provides lots of activities such as musical performance, special lectures or sports competitions. I have never felt bored since I kept myself active.

At this point, whenever I look back on my life journey at KAIST, every experience I got from here is precious. It gradually shaped me to who I am today in academic performance and it helped me to grow to have international visions. “Life’s a journey”. I am sure that I have made a right journey pursuing my higher education here at KAIST.