‘Daulet Kurmantayev’ from Kazakhstan

‘Daulet Kurmantayev’ from Kazakhstan

Daulet Kurmantayev

Bachelor, Undecided Major


Hello everyone, I am Daulet from Kazakhstan. Currently I have just finished my freshman year in KAIST. Last ten month spend here in university campus were full of excitement, I got new knowledge, met new awesome people from all over the world and received a wonderful life experience.

When I just came to KAIST I was first surprised by the campus. As I had visited SNU, NUS, Zhejiang university and other institutions from all over the world I was expecting to see KAIST as some futuristic city with densely packed tall grey buildings. But KAIST greeted me with picturesque hills with forests, lakes and abundance of diverse flowers and animals widely. For all the time I spend in KAIST good aura of this place always supported me in stressful moments of study.

I found life in KAIST very comfortable. If I feel bad I can go to health centre, where I can easily get basic medical help. If I need health check-up I can pass it directly in campus in Pappalardo centre. I got a bicycle by an event of Welfare affairs team, I could easily gets books I need and sell old ones at Book Market. KAIST put a lot of effort to increase the quality of life and education of students.

And of course academic program is quite tough. The quality of organization is defined by people, and people in KAIST are great. We enjoy reading biographies of our professors, when we realize how professional they are. Most of them studied in top universities of the world and were awarded by various prestigious diplomas. And students here deserve their professors. It is not I didn’t understand it first semester, but competition rate here in KAIST is very high. Admissions office works very hard to select top students from Korea and the world. Students from top schools like Korean Science High schools, KSA, International Schools and students from not well known schools perform well in academics and extracurricular activities, showing good level of preparation, creativity, organisation and hard-working.

There are lots of opportunities you just have to come and take them!