‘Felix Havugimana’ from Rwanda

‘Felix Havugimana’ from Rwanda

Felix Havugimana

Bachelor, Undecided Major


My name is Felix Havugimana I am from Rwanda, the country of thousands of hills. When I was very young, most of my dreams were about buying an expensive car, living in a modern house and being a rich man. Later on after starting my high school, my dream was to study abroad, being a professional engineer, supporting my family. From then, I started searching the information about the best universities in the world, especially in America. Finally, I got to know KAIST when I was in Senior five, by KAIST admission team presentation which was held at my high school. I was sitting in the corner listening to those smart people talking about the most innovative university in Asia (KAIST). Honestly, I became a KAISTian before completing my application and my dreams came true after receiving my KAIST admission last year 2015.

Studying in KAIST has a great meaning in my life. Before coming to KAIST I did not understand how I will survive away from my family and friends. However, I was pleased to be welcomed by a small but kind-hearted Rwandan family ready to help me adapt in Korea. In addition to Rwandan community, I found joy and comfort in the international community and Korean community as well. Living in Korea especially in KAIST, you receive a strong care from officials and different professors.

Academically, Studying in KAIST taught me what it means to study. I got the opportunity of studying with competitive students from the entire world. Being taught by KAIST professors shows me how valuable my admission is and how bright my future will be. To work hard and spending my whole time having something to do made me efficient and more professional in whatever I do. Looking at KAIST curriculum and talking with my seniors and other KAIST alumni makes me strive to reach the standard required to be a professional engineer.

In short, KAIST is a life maker university through the various courses it offers that has a good studying environment. Studying in KAIST, you don’t only enjoy the beauty of Korea but also experience Korean culture through various activities and events. So, for me, Rwanda is the home by origin and KAIST is my home for a bright future. I am always thankful to what KAIST community has done and is still doing for me and more importantly for making my dreams come true.