‘GEMECHU’ from Ethiopia

‘GEMECHU’ from Ethiopia

Gemechu Bekele Tolossa

Bachelor, Bio and Brain Engineering


I am Gemechu, from Ethiopia. I am an undergraduate student majoring in Bio and Brain Engineering. It has been more than a month since I last got out of KAIST campus. I am not proud of that, but it is KAIST comfortable campus that made me do so. I don’t need to go out of campus as I can get everything in here. The dormitories are best: well-equipped and always clean. There are convenience stores, general store, restaurants and cafeterias, coffee and fast food shops, bank, and others. The sports facilities are amazing starting from futsal fields to a fantastic swimming pool, gyms, sports complex, and stadium. I, even, feel unease when I stay outside of campus for a long time. Shortly, KAIST campus is an amazing place to live.

KAIST education is challenging: many assignments, quizzes and projects, and difficult exams. But, it is a challenge as an opportunity to improve ourselves. Anyone wants to be better than what he/she was yesterday. Everyone who is admitted to KAIST has worked hard in high school and topped their peers. So, someone in KAIST is in a pool of smart students. This is an opportunity to learn from everyone, to extend our limit. We have everything we need for education in KAIST starting from library stacked with every kind of book to laboratories equipped with advanced technologies. It is up to us to exploit all these resources.

For any person who tried to apply to western universities, it is easy to recognize how much KAIST application process is simple. Of course, I had to prepare many documents. But, it is easy because I did not need any intermediary to upload my documents as KAIST has a website which I could easily navigate through and upload everything without any problem. Furthermore, KAIST does not require literary and beautifully crafted personal letters as its main focus is on students’ STEM educational background. It doesn’t expect our high school Mathematics teachers to have Shakespearean writing skill as it provides recommendation letter forms, which they can use to express their students easily. All these makes KAIST, a well-ranked university with an easy application process.