‘Makara Phav’ from Cambodia

‘Makara Phav’ from Cambodia

Makara Phav

Bachelor, Computer Science


My name is Makara Phav. I am from Cambodia. I am currently enrolled as an international student in the department of Computer Science of KAIST, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea.

Before coming here, I had been studying most of the general education from elementary school until high school in my country, Cambodia.  I can say that the education system in Cambodia is not good enough to train and produce the human resource that is needed in the future, especially in science and engineering. Therefore, as soon as I graduated from high school, I started seeking for scholarships in order to apply to study abroad. South Korea was definitely one of the best destination for me. Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology is one of the best universities in South Korea. I found that KAIST offers a really comprehensive academic system which allows its student to gain a solid understanding and diversifying their understanding of both science and engineering, and social science. In KAIST, we need to finish about seven humanity courses and about nine courses in other fields in order to graduate. What I had expected before coming here based on the online information about KAIST and what I have been experiencing so far are pretty much the same.

The academic environment, here at KAIST, is really challenging. I found it really hard at first to keep up with other students, most of which are science-gifted students. But by working hard with the strongly supportive system in KAIST community, I am able to catch up with other students.

In conclusion, I would be a completely different person from whom I am now if I had not come to KAIST. My experience in KAIST has sharped me to become a better person and of course, to be a potential science and engineering student who will contribute to making a better society.