‘Manh Tuan Do’ from Vietnam

‘Manh Tuan Do’ from Vietnam

Manh Tuan Do

Bachelor, Undecided Major


Annyonghaseyo! Hi, everyone! My name is Manh, (Đỗ Tuấn Mạnh), coming from Vietnam. I am currently an undergraduate freshman of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Here is a little story that I would love to share with you.

When I was in high school, my biggest dream was to achieve a full scholarship to pursue a bachelor’s degree overseas in a prestigious institution. During my senior year, observing my classmates applying for universities in the United States, Singapore or Finland, I was feeling really anxious. Due to financial constraints, I cannot enroll in those universities even if I am offered admission. Fortunately, my close friend, who is now studying in Japan, introduced KAIST to me. At that time, I was both surprised and glad since KAIST completely fulfills all of my expectations: studies and research conducted in English, science and engineering-oriented curriculum and most importantly, a full scholarship offered to international students. After learning about campus life and academic affairs of KAIST, I decided to start my application immediately. The long waiting time was finally over, I got accepted to KAIST and from that time onwards, I know my dream is awaiting me at KAIST.

My first semester at KAIST was full of impressions and surprise. I was really impressed by what KAIST offers for its student body. A huge library of thousands of science and engineering books, free access to wireless internet in the whole campus, a system of convenient stores and coffee shops available to students as well as functional rooms serving many purposes, such as group study, dance practice, piano or club activities. One thing that surprised me the most is that there are no curfews for the dormitory system, so students and go out and come back whenever they want. Moreover, I was also “shocked” by the demanding workload at KAIST. We had assignments, quizzes almost “ on a regular basis”. Although I came from a science high school, I found myself struggling to catch up with the fast pace of classes. However, one positive thing is that thanks to that demanding workload, I have been trained to work under pressure, which is really helpful for my career path in the future.

At the moment, I am studying in my second semester of the freshman year at KAIST ( by the time you read this, I probably will have become a sophomore). I think I am doing pretty well since I am taking the courses that I really love. Apart from academics, I am joining two organizations, say Biz-World (an entrepreneurship club) and KISA (KAIST International Students Association), so I am really busy now with some projects going on. However, I am really enjoying my life at KAIST. This is the first time in my life I have had a sense of fulfillment, in which I am attempting my best to pursue my interest in both academic and extra-curricular terms. One big challenge I am facing is to declare my major, of which the deadline is coming in 3 weeks. The reason is what I am interested in many different fields, say Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science, Electrical engineering or Business. KAIST offers bachelor’s degrees for all of them but the maximum I can choose is only two. Therefore, I really need to think carefully about that.

If you are planning to seek for higher education in a popular university which offers many opportunities in terms of scholarship, I recommend that you should apply for KAIST.  Come to KAIST, and not only you will have a chance to acquire education from a prestigious institution, to blend yourself in the racial and cultural diversity here but also to develop your personal potentials, come closer to your destination and to achieve your dream! I will be very glad to become your good friend and assist you during your stay at KAIST.

Hope to see you soon!