Vertika Saxena

Master, Aerospace Engineering

KAIST – a place where each day holds immense opportunities to excel in diversified fields.

The above statement might seem exaggerated but after spending one year in KAIST, it is the closest and the most realistic statement that relates to me, this institute and everything happening around me. Very seldom in life we get the opportunity to embark on such a journey which helps us to define ourselves in a way we cannot fathom. KAIST is the best platform for this journey of self-discovery. KAIST helps in inculcating an attitude toward perfection, persistence and unwavering determination combined with the zeal to work hard not just academically but also in a variety of extra-curricular activities. When in KAIST your hobby and passion will never wither way under the burden of work.  Ranging from club activities like taekwondo, aikido, table tennis and all other sports, to cultural activities like Dado, piano, dance class, you will never get tired or feel that your life has become monotonous. Academically, KAIST instills a fever in every single student to outshine and prove themselves to anyone that questions their capabilities and intelligence. The technology and equipment and the ease with which you can access everything make KAIST the finest place to ameliorate your skills in experimental as well as numerical study.

For me, KAIST has become a home away from home in all its essence. The reason is very straightforward. People at KAIST, Koreans and internationals, welcome you with an open heart, unbiased and disinterested in any prejudice or stereotypes. This makes KAIST the best place to nurture and achieve your dreams.