‘Yi Li’ from China

‘Yi Li’ from China

Yi Li

Ph.D, Bio and Brain Engineering


It feels so different to study in KAIST.


My name is Yi Li. I have studied for 1 year in Department of Bio and Brain engineering. I came from China, obtained my B.S in Wuhan university and then got M.S in Hallym university in Korea. I am still new to KAIST, but I can feel a really different atmosphere here to the other two universities. I will tell you guys about the special points of KAIST, which may be useful for you to make a decision about which university is worth to apply. ^_^


Leading Edge of Research.

In KAIST, not only the class materials or equipment are the best in the three universities I have been. What’s important is that the mind of both students and professors are at the forefront of their research field. They focus on newly developed technologies to study fundamental theories or develop their own technology when they are not satisfied with conventional tools. We communicate with famous universities in the world. We hold the first-class conference with professional academics. And recently, we invited the AlphaGo developers to KAIST to give a talk about AI, within a month after the AlphaGo program took a battle with the human champion of ‘Go’.


Full of Peace and Love.

People in KAIST, in my opinion, are the kindest people in Korea. They like to smile and talk to each other no matter where you came from or what religion you believe in. They are warmhearted when you have a problem or ask for some help. What’s more, there are wild cats, birds and also geese in KAIST campus. People feed, play with and take care of them if the weather becomes bad. There is even a special pedestrian crossing for geese. They are the members of KAIST like us.


Advanced and Free Facilities.

KAIST offers a lot of part-time job for the students. Job positions are opened for everyone and you can choose your working time. People who work together are kind too, and the workload is not so heavy. You can even study in the office if there is no work to be done immediately. KAIST also offers free health-checking facilities like the InBody equipment, fitness room, swimming pool and bath-sauna room. If you join the insurance, you are free to visit the medical center.

KAIST is more like a super family than just a university, especially for the foreigners. It provides us a first-class environment to study and research like other famous universities. They also provide us a high quality of life when we are far from our country and family. I like KAIST and strongly recommend here to all you guys. ^_^