Guidelines for 2018 Spring Admission   *Spring semester will start in 2018 March.

♦ Download detailed guideline below;

Click ▷▶  2018 Spring Admission Guidelines

♦ Online Application period :  August 23rd, 2017 ~ September 20th, 2017

♦ Documents Submission Deadline : September 29th, 2017    *All required documents should be arrived by the deadline.

♦ Postal Address for application: Graduate Admissions Team, KAIST #110, 1st Floor, E16‐1 B/D, Daehakro 291, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141, Republic of Korea

♦ Academic Programs available for 2018 Spring semester

           College              School/ Department/ Division   M.S.  MS-PhD   PhD                   Contact Info.
NaturalScience  Physics     O    O  http://physics.kaist.ac.kr
 Mathematical Sciences     O     O    O  http://mathsci.kaist.ac.kr
 Chemistry     O    O  http://chem.kaist.ac.kr
 Graduate School of Nanoscience & Technology     O     O    O  http://gsnt.kaist.ac.kr
    Life Science        & Bioengineering  Biological Sciences     O    O  http://bio.kaist.ac.kr
 Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering*     O    O  http://gsmse.kaist.ac.kr/e_main
  – Biomedical Science and Engineering  Interdisciplinary Program     O    O  http://gsmse.kaist.ac.kr/e_m_intro
Engineering  Mechanical Engineering     O    O  http://me.kaist.ac.kr
 Aerospace Engineering     O    O  http://ae.kaist.ac.kr
 Electrical Engineering     O     O    O  http://ee.kaist.ac.kr
 - Future Vehicle     O    O  http://ee.kaist.ac.kr
 School of Computing     O    O  http://cs.kaist.ac.kr
 - Graduate School of Information Security     O    O  http://gsis.kaist.ac.kr
 Civil and Environmental Engineering     O    O  http://civil.kaist.ac.kr
 - Environmental and Energy Technology Program     O    O
 Bio and Brain Engineering     O    O  http://bioeng.kaist.ac.kr
 - Brain and Cognitive Engineering     O  http://bce.kaist.ac.kr/
 Industrial Design     O    O  http://id.kaist.ac.kr
 Industrial & Systems Engineering     O    O  http://ie.kaist.ac.kr
 - Graduate School of Knowledge Service Engineering     O    O  http://kse.kaist.ac.kr
 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering     O    O  http://cbe.kaist.ac.kr
 Materials Science & Engineering     O    O  http://mse.kaist.ac.kr
 Nuclear and Quantum Engineering     O    O  http://nuclear.kaist.ac.kr
- RCA-KAIST Master’s Degree Prgram     O  http://nuclear.kaist.ac.kr/?sid=sub02_5_3
 The Cho Chun Shik Graduate School of Green Transportation     O    O  http://gt.kaist.ac.kr
 Graduate School of EEWS     O    O  http://eewseng.kaist.ac.kr
  Liberal Arts &  Convergence Science  Graduate School of Culture Technology     O    O  http://ct.kaist.ac.kr
 Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy     O    O  http://stp.kaist.ac.kr
Business  Business and Technology Management     O    O  http://btm.kaist.ac.kr
- Global IT Technology Program     O    O  http://ittp.kaist.ac.kr
Business(Seoul Campus)  Management Engineering     O    O  http://business.kaist.ac.kr
Techno-MBA     O  http://business.kaist.ac.kr
 Finance MBA     O  http://business.kaist.ac.kr 
 Green Business and Policy Program     O  http://www.business.kaist.edu/gsgg

* Please refer to the guideline above