[GRADUATE] Application for 2019 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)

Now application for 2019 Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) is available!

The KGSP is designed to provide higher education in Korea for international studetns with the aim of promoting international exchange in education as well as mutual friendship amongst the participating countries

There are two tracks to apply for the scholarship program;
- Embassy track
- University track (Application period: ~ until March 4th, Mon.)
Applicants should check Guideline of 2019 KGSP admission and find appropriate track.

[KAIST: University track] Application period: ~until March 4th (Mon.)

Address #110, E16-1,Graduate Admissions Team, KAIST, Daehakro 291, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141, South Korea
Tel +82 42 350 2354

All required documents should be submitted by the due date. Late submission will not be considered.

Check detailed information regarding KGSP admission.
Click ▶ Guideline of 2019 KGSP admission
Click ▶ Application form(Word Format)

Recruiting Departments

- Clicking website address, you can check detailed curriculum and research labs.

 College School/Department M.S. Ph.D. Web site / Remark
Physics* O O http://physics.kaist.ac.kr
Mathematical Sciences O O http://mathsci.kaist.ac.kr
Chemistry O O http:/chem.kaist.ac.kr
Life Science & Bioengineering Biological Sciences* O O http://bio.kaist.ac.kr
Graduate School of Medical Science and Engineering  X  O http://gsmse.kaist.ac.kr
* Medical License
Biomedical Science and Engineering Interdisciplinary Program X O http://gsmse.kaist.ac.kr
Engineering Mechanical Engineering O O http://me.kaist.ac.kr
Aerospace Engineering O O http://ae.kaist.ac.kr
Electrical Engineering O O http://ee.kaist.ac.kr
Future Vehicle Program O O http://ee.kaist.ac.kr
School of Computing O O http://cs.kaist.ac.kr
Graduate School of Information Security O O http://gsis.kaist.ac.kr
Civil and Environmental Engineering O O http://civil.kaist.ac.kr
Bio and Brain Engineering O O http://bioeng.kaist.ac.kr
Industrial Design O X http://id.kaist.ac.kr
Industrial & Systems Engineering O O http://ie.kaist.ac.kr
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering O O http://cbe.kaist.ac.kr
Materials Science & Engineering O O http://mse.kaist.ac.kr
Nuclear and Quantum Engineering O O http://nuclear.kaist.ac.kr
The Cho Chun Sik Graduate School for Green Transportation O O http://gt.kaist.ac.kr
Graduate School of Knowledge Service Engineering O O http://kse.kaist.ac.kr
Liberal Arts & Convergence Science Graduate School of Culture Technology O O http://ct.kaist.ac.kr
Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy O O http://stp.kaist.ac.kr
Business Business and Technology Management O O http://ms.kaist.ac.kr
*Seoul Campus
Techno-MBA O X
Finance MBA O

* Physics and Biological Sciences departments recommend applicants to contact advising professor prior to application.

Besides Required documents, KAIST highly recommend applicants to submit official English proficiency test score.
All applicants whose native/official language is not English are recommended to submit a certificate of English proficiency test score among one of tests below;
TOEFL iBT 83 (CBT220, PBT560), iELTS 6.5 (Academy),  TOEIC 720 (Listening & Reading), TEPS 599, New TEPS 326

Further inquiries, please check FAQ offered by NIIED. Click here!