Before You Apply

International candidates must meet all of the following requirements:

    Spring Semester, 2023 (EARLY only)

  • Candidates who have graduated or will graduate from his or her high school by February 28th, 2023.

    Fall Semester, 2023

  • Candidates who have graduated or will graduate from his or her high school by August 31st, 2023.

    Applicants with foreign citizenship

  • Applicants who hold Korean Citizenship(dual citizenship) are not eligible to apply as foreign students
  • International applicants MUST ADDITIONALLY satisfy one of the following two requirements:
    • Neither of the applicant’s parents is a Korean citizen, or
    • For applicants of Korean Origin, he/she must have received his/her entire elementary, junior high, and high school education outside of Korea at a comparable and equivalent level of that provided in Korea.
    • Note that international schools located in Korea are NOT acknowledged as foreign schools.
  • Applicants who completed or will have completed high schools in Korea (국내에 거주하는 국내 고교 출신 외국인 학생) are also welcomed to apply to KAIST Undergraduate program.
  • We do not have transfer program for international students. You have to apply as a freshman student.

    By the time of your enrollment at KAIST, you must not be holding any degree-seeking status from other universities otherwise your admission shall be revoked.

About Admissions

International students of Korean origin who do not meet one of the eligibilities above should apply through Korean Admissions.

KAIST students hold an undeclared major during their freshman year. At the end of their second semester, students can choose whichever major they want. There is no quota for each department/major.