KAIST offers a simple but generous scholarship program to international students.
KAIST Scholarship supports tuition fees and provides stipends to 94 percent of the international students.
Subsidized by research participation, most of our students have found themselves financially independent from their homes.

A. Eligibility Requirement

  • Those who apply for graduate degree programs through the KAIST International Graduate Admission cycles
  • Those who meet the eligibility requirements of the application
    • All the KAIST graduate degree programs are supported by KAIST Scholarship, including cooperated scholarship programs, except for Global Technology Innovation Program (GDI-GTIP Track).

B. Scholarship Package

  • Tuition Grant: 4 semesters for Master’s degree candidates, 10 for Master’s-Ph.D. integrated degree candidates, 8 semesters for Ph.D. degree candidates
  • Monthly Stipend Guarantee: KRW 350,000 for Master’s programs and KRW 400,000 for Ph.D. programs
    • Master’s-Ph.D. Integrated degree candidate will receive the guaranteed rate of the course route (KRW 350,000 to KRW 400,000)
    • This figure may vary depending on individual colleges. For the College of Engineering, find more details about the stipend support they offer at  https://engineering.kaist.ac.kr/content?menu=142.

  • Monthly National Health Insurance Premium: actual cost
    • Grants may vary by candidate based on performance and research project participation.

C.Application Dates and Procedures

  • Dates: the same as the online application term
  • Procedures: Tick KAIST Scholarship during the online application

D. Selection Criteria

  • Prior performance, future promise, and potential contribution to the KAIST community