New Student Information


<update: Feb. 23, 2024>

Contact Information for Major Administrative Departments (Main Campus)


Relevant Office

Contact Info.

Tuition Payment

Academic Registrar

Online Course Registration / Course Add & Drop

Leave of Absence


Scholarship & Welfare  

Information and Assistance in Visa and Alien Registration

International Scholar and Student Services

Submission of Health Check-up, Photo

Assistance in Health Insurance Enrollment

Dormitory Assignment for the First Semester

Curriculum & Graduation Requirement

Each Department

Refer to the Website of Each Department

Research Areas




Important Dates and Deadlines for Spring 2024


Main Campus (Daejeon) Seoul Campus

Response to the offer

July 5

Request for a COA

* those with FULL tuition grants

June 21 – July 12

Email distribution of visa-supporting materials

From Mid-July

Tuition payment

July 29 – August 2

Request for a COA

* those admitted with SELF-funding or PARTIAL tuition grants

After tuition payment

Course Registration

August 12 - 16

Housing move-in

End of August

Orientation (Academic affairs, campus life, etc)

End of August

Course Add/Drop

August 26 – September 9

Beginning of the Fall semester

September 2