<update: August 30, 2023>


All admitted students to the Spring 2024 entry must respond to our offer of admission by January 5, 2024.
Please take the following instructions to submit your response.

* Decision on Spring 2024 will be announced December 15, 2023. 

* Subject to change depending on circumstances.


If you want to accept our offer, you must

  • Express acceptance by submitting your valid passport and (if applicable) Alien Registration Card at advanced.adm@kaist.ac.kr.

  • Prepare for Certificate of Admission (COA). Learn more at Prepare for COA page.

  •     < Due dates for the required material submission to obtain COA >

    • The required material submission dates vary by the tuition funding plan. Make sure your materials will arrive at our office within the designated dates.

    • §   Those admitted with FULL tuition grants from KAIST or other institutions/organizations: December 15, 2023 - January 12, 2024

    • §   Those admitted with NO or PARTIAL tuition grants: February 2, 2024

If you want to decline the offer of admission, notify your decision on Result Announcement page by submitting “Cancellation of Admission.”